Benjamin Harrison:Lawyer, Soldier, President

February to October 2007

This exhibition proudly featured the Harrison family legacy, Harrison's skills as a lawyer and the cases he took before the U.S. Supreme Court, his reputation as a military leader of men, his conservation efforts, his expertise in foreign affairs, and his expansion of the Navy.

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Do you know how many Supreme Court cases Harrison tried?
Do you know about the first woman convicted of murder in Indiana?
Find out! Accomplishments as a Lawyer

Do you know which battles the Indiana 70th fought in?
Where did the 70th catch enemy canons?
Find out! Accomplishments as a Soldier

Do you know the names of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th National Parks to be set aside?
Do you know the name of the first US Battleship?
Find out! Accomplishments as President

“An American citizen could not be a good citizen who did not have a hope in his heart.” ~ Benjamin Harrison

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